Soundtect; design led acoustic solutions, launches new range to coincide with London showroom opening.

So, your project is finished; sparkling marble floors, gleaming glass ceilings and twinkling lights, all ready for your clientele. But wait, when they do arrive and marvel at the masterpiece of the design, the noise of appreciation can be deafening, literally.  

Acoustics is a recognised issue in many such buildings but how often is it considered at the design stage?

And if it is, how can the acoustic application be incorporated into the design?

Soundtect acoustic panels offers a sustainable, highly pleasing visual solution for buildings in all sectors that not only absorbs the reverberation modern buildings create but also could enhance the design.

Soundtect has been offering their design-led acoustic panels for seven years and in that period, the company has grown both in the UK and internationally as growing numbers of architects and specifiers tap into the fact that the building acoustics are as important as the design. Let’s face it, if the project doesn’t work acoustically the design has been for nothing, as areas of the building will not be able to be used as planned, and it will be remembered for its failings, not its beautiful interior.

People are understanding how important this is and over the years we have tailored our ranges to accommodate a greater number of sectors and applications accordingly.

The key to Soundtect success is that we are constantly listening to our clients’ needs and understand that not all projects work with a standard solution for their acoustic issues so due to recent demand, Soundtect has now launched a Bespoke range, to tie in with the opening of their new Clerkenwell showroom.

The new Bespoke range, allows Soundtect to supply something a little bit different to our clients on request, using our highly absorbent acoustic materials.

A highly successful range of 3-D acoustic panels plus our super absorbent less decorative Class range means we generally have it covered whatever the project, whatever the sector but Bespoke allows us to be involved in projects where the requirements, whether it be size or shape or application, requires a special solution.

Soundtect has a strong design and engineering team with past bespoke projects including the Halo; A beautiful spherical acoustic baffle which is delighting the music industry, custom shaped Wave panels for Muscat International airport, Fins for the atrium in Trip Advisor’s new head office in Soho and bespoke sized panels for the restaurant in Saint Helens school, Northwood proving anything really is possible.

We currently have more Bespoke projects in production including a planetarium, auditoriums and atriums and we are sure that this range will lead to even more fabulous unique acoustic solutions across the globe.

This week Soundtect welcomed a new member to its growing team. Milda Kisieliute, will be responsible for development, support and growth of new and existing accounts London and the UK. She comes with over 10 years’ experience in Interior and Furniture industry behind her. Having worked for a dealer and manufacturer in the past Milda has a great understanding of the challenges in delivering a project to the highest standards and we are sure she will be a great addition to our team.

Soundtect really is the go-to for sustainable, good quality, highly efficient solutions with a growing team, a growing product range and a growing visibility. So, pay a visit to our website or Clerkenwell showroom we may already have the solution for your noisy restaurant or hotel project and if we don’t? Well there is always the Bespoke... for Further information please contact

or call 02039057845