Sustainable Uniforms For Spa And Housekeeping

Choosing the right uniform for your spa team starts with the right fabric.  That choice will influence the style, comfort and durability of your clothing. However, with the right knowledge, your choice of materials can make a bigger difference than ever before with sustainable materials that meet the demands of  eco-friendly hotel and spa working environments.

Fashionizer Spa offer a unique range of stylish uniform options and fabrics that are eco-friendly.  They range from their exclusive Cotton Performance Fabric made from organic cotton, to their Thalasso fabrics designed from PET (recycled bottles) and made specifically for use in hydrotherapy spas.

Fashionizer is an award-winning designer of uniforms for luxury brands, 5-star hotels, resorts and spas worldwide. Established in 1993 in London, we have experience and expertise to deliver uniforms that delight our clients and their staff.

Innovation & collaboration are the key to our ongoing success. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that their uniforms are fashionable and unique, in tune with their interiors, and delivered to deadline and to budget. Our passion is to deliver beautiful and practical uniforms that create outstanding first impressions.

We offer a range of services suited to each uniform requirement. Please follow the links below to see more, alternatively let us know your requirements by contacting us on Or calling our account manager on (+44) 208 995 0088  we would be delighted to help!