The Advantages of Renting or Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

We are well in the midst of a coffee revolution, with an increasing number of bar, restaurant and hotel owners making use of the latest commercial coffee machines in order to reward their customers with high-quality beverages.

Having one of these cutting-edge machines within your establishment is now easier than ever due to rental or leasing agreements, providing cost-savings and flexibility.

  1. Cost-effective

Purchasing a machine outright will set you back a hefty sum, which is why many bar, restaurant and hotel owners choose to take the rental or leasing routes, spreading the machine costs over a defined period. Fixed monthly payments mean you know exactly what you will be spending, with no hidden surprises, which makes budget-planning and forecasting a lot more manageable.

You will also notice a nice return on investment if you are charging customers for the coffee, since the number of hot beverages sold is normally enough to cover the cost of leasing the machine.

Moreover, most suppliers, including Logic Vending, offer a full-package service, which includes machine installation, training and maintenance, making renting or leasing your machine as hassle-free as possible.

  1. Flexible

There are plenty of reasons as to why you might wish to change machines – perhaps your business has grown rapidly and you require one which is capable of outputting significantly more beverages, or maybe you just want to experiment with a different model or brand?

Whatever the reason may be, renting or leasing a machine is a much more flexible option for businesses of all types and sizes within the hospitality sector. If your needs change, then returning, replacing or upgrading the machine is simple.

  1. Great coffee

Coffee is well and truly back on the menu, with nearly 95 million cups being consumed in the UK each day. However, customers are now looking for coffee-shop-quality beverages, meaning cheap, instant machines will no longer cut it.

One of the key benefits of investing in a commercial coffee machine is that they have the ability to output fantastic, high-quality beverages at just the touch of a button.

With the latest machines being able to create hundreds of varieties of drinks, they provide a personal, bespoke service that customers will certainly appreciate.

To rent, lease or buy the latest range of commercial coffee machines from well-known global brands, contact Logic Vending on 0808 278 9262.