The Hogg Boss – A highly profitable option for first class catering

Peake Products – Manufacturer / Suppliers of The Hogg Boss Hog Roast Machines & Hog Roast Machine Accessories.

Early civilization discovered advantages of spit roasting & still today is a popular method of cooking offering taste truly hard to beat. OurHog Roast Machines bring this timeless cooking method into the 21st Century with startling results.

With ever increasing trends towards healthy eating our Hog Roast Machines would be an obvious choice. The machines are totally portable & can be transported to events and occasions with little effort. The Hogg BossHog Roast Machine is a CE certified product & has been carefully developed by our experienced and dedicated design team with a specific eye for detail & extensive knowledge in the manufacture of this type of catering equipment.

The Hogg Boss Hog Roast Machines are in a class of their own. They are the first choice for Caterer, Hotelier, Publican and Restaurateur alike. We pride ourselves on the quality of the Hogg Boss Hog Roast Machine, only the finest materials and components are used. Our Hog Roast Machines have received overwhelming satisfaction from a huge variety of  customers, many of which are now returning to us for their 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Hog Roast Machine, their locations ranging from the far north of Scotland to the Southern tip of Cornwall, also Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, France, Spain and Switzerland.

Ologour Hog Roast Machines have made many television appearances over the last few years, to mention but a few, The F Word, Monty Hall’s Great Escapes and recently Corrigan’s City Farm on the Irish TV network.

The Hogg Boss Ice Display Table can be the perfect way to create a startling display of your chilled produce at any event or party.

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