The Office Christmas Party

The UK’s Largest Christmas Party Finder

Who are Office Christmas?

In 2017 Connections acquired, a website that was the largest Christmas party finder in the United Kingdom. Since then the site has been relaunched and rebranded into The Office Christmas Party. Connections has been organising successful events within the corporate hospitality and leisure market since the year 2000.

Nowadays Office Christmas is an online Christmas venue listing service. We list hundreds of events and venues across the UK and use our position in online search results to help customers find their ideal Christmas Party. Since relaunching the brand, we have successfully retained prime positions for high-traffic keywords and experience hundreds of thousands of visitors, all searching for a festive event.

“We’re a one-stop website for Christmas events.” Justin Sayers, Company Director.

How does it work?

We are a free service for users. We like to think our site is easy to use and as we are the UK’s largest party finder, there is little reason to go elsewhere. After an enquiry form has been completed, we simply forward this on to your sales team to convert. As our team does not touch the enquiry, we do not charge any commission for shared parties. Upon sign up, your venue will also be added to our venue database meaning that any exclusive enquiries that we receive, we’ll propose your event too.

How much does it cost to list a venue?

As we are commission-less on shared events we do require a one-off listing fee starting at £250+VAT but if you are listing multiple spaces, we are able to offer bespoke rates. Note that the listing fee increases as the year progresses so the earlier you decide, the better the rate. If your Christmas details are not yet ready, you can lock in the listing and update it when you are. We also have multiple upgrades that you can use to enhance your package, from email campaigns to featured spaces on our home page.

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