The Pursuit of Pleasure – The Fauchon Way

The hotel housed in a historic Haussmanien building was designed by the Paris architect, Richard Martinet, who has kept its original charm while having fun with modern aesthetics and Fauchon’s natural playfulness and signature hot pink touches too, working alongside Atelier Paluel-Marmont. A variety of celebrated French artists were commissioned for various design pieces around the hotel too, including Aristide Najean and Monika Nowan.

Each of the hotel’s immaculately designed and decorated 54 guest rooms and suites have Paris city views – some over the Place de la Madeleine, others on to the Eiffel Tower, each embracing the atmosphere of the environs.

Savour Every Moment

With gourmet experiences being the pièce de résistance, Fauchon has reimagined the hotel mini bar experience and has created the Fauchon Gourmet Bar, housed inside a sensational Sasha Lakic custom-designed pink armoire. Inside, all the Fauchon delicacies are complimentary throughout their stay and customised before arrival according to whether guests have a sweet or salty preference…or if they enjoy a bit of both. Enjoy the Fauchon champagne which is refilled each day on the house too.

Though tempting to not leave the beautiful rooms, no matter what time of day is chosen to rendezvous at The Grand Café Fauchon, a dining spectacle awaits for both guests and loyal Parisian diners and imbibers. It pays homage to the founder Auguste Fauchon, whose legacy is celebrated here each and every day through Fauchon’s passionate commitment to pleasure, quality and fierce dedication to ensuring the quality of the products used and sold are from the best producers in France.

These pillars are upheld by the culinary mastery of the Fauchon chefs – three of France’s finest: François Daubinet, Head Pastry Chef; Frédéric Claudel, Executive Chef du Grand Café Fauchon and Sébastien Monceau, Executive Chef de la Maison Fauchon.

As day turns to night, Paris comes together to begin the evening the Parisian way: with wine and gourmet bites for the Glam’Hours at The Grand Café Fauchon, Fauchon’s Gourmet Happy Hour experience which combines truly fabulous wines, Fauchon tea-based cocktails, and small plates of delicacies, in preparation for whatever the night ahead holds….



The concept of G.L.A.M defines a Fauchon l’Hotel Paris, combining the comfort and refinement of an aesthetic cocoon with the glamour of a multi-sensory experience:

G is for Gourmet – gastronomy is the signature Fauchon experience that is the thread that ties together all they create.

L is for Location – in the heart and soul of central Paris, a short stroll to all of Paris’ main attractions.

A is for Attention & Experiences – each experience is bespoke, whether it be a private viewing or exclusive access to the hottest ticket in town.

M is for Mesdames – women are celebrated and catered to through each part of the design process of the hotel.

Fauchon l’Hôtel Paris is pleased to announce the opening of the brand new Fauchon tea shop adjacent to the hotel at 11 Place de la Madeleine, providing a Parisian-chic world for tea-devotees. Here, visitors can create their own custom tea blend – or purchase one of the existing Fauchon blends – and enjoy their creation to the full in the elegant central tea garden – a space designed for the worship of Afternoon Tea.

From its famous afternoon teas to the tea-infused cocktails of its ‘Glam Hour’, tea is woven throughout Fauchon l’Hôtel. Whether Green tea from China, Ceylon black tea, Darjeeling or Earl Gray, each tea has its own signature – herbaceous or floral, round or full-bodied – and blending is both an art and a craft deeply understood by Fauchon.

Fauchon l’Hôtel’s Le Tea Time is €40 per person, or €50 with a glass of Champagne. It includes innovative pastry dishes created by the renowned Fauchon chefs. Of course everything starts with macarons – but Fauchon l’Hotel’s glossy black ‘bento box’ contains so much more: two layers of tiny indulgent gems from sweet pastries to smoked salmon and other savoury delicacies, all served with fruit and flower flavoured teas – the specialities of the house.

Nightly rates at Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris start from €450.