The safest and fastest way to evacuate down stairways

Evac+Chair is the recognised world leader in stairway evacuation, dedicated to providing the mobility impaired with a safe and quick means of evacuation. With over 35 years of experience in the design and UK manufacture of evacuation chairs, Evac+Chair is trusted and relied upon in emergency situations to assist in saving people’s lives. With a wide range of accreditations, and quality checks throughout the whole manufacturing process, Evac+Chair prides itself on its superior product quality.

Whilst many consider a mobility impairment to be a permanent disability, it can also be temporary, such as a sporting injury, pregnancy or even panic attack brought about by an emergency evacuation. Therefore, having an evacuation chair is vital for all commercial buildings, to ensure everyone can be safely evacuated in the event of a fire, or other emergency. Evac+Chair products not only provide a safe means of escape for the mobility impaired but for everyone, as a mobility impaired person evacuating without assistance may impede the whole evacuation, and as a result put others’ lives along with their own at risk.  If you are the designated ‘responsible person’, it is your duty to ensure that employees, occupants and visitors can be safely evacuated, failure to do so, can lead to a fine or a charge of corporate manslaughter.

Independent research carried out by the University of Greenwich concluded that an Evac+Chair provides the safest, quickest means of escape for the mobility impaired, compared with other types of evacuation products. Whilst the overall design of an Evac+Chair has been unaltered over the years, it has been enhanced, in terms of passenger safety and comfort. In addition, the Evac+Chair range has expanded to provide products that suit different types of staircases and accommodate heavier payload passengers.

The newest product to be introduced to the Evac+Chair range is the 900H Power, which launched in May 2021. The 900H Power is a 24V, Lithium-Ion battery operated, motorised evacuation chair, designed for one-person operation. Its Powered Belt Track System reduces manual handling and facilitates a smooth, safe and quick method of upward or downward evacuation. One full battery charge provides enough power to last for 150 flights of stairs, giving complete peace of mind that the mobility impaired can be evacuated upwards or downwards in an emergency. The easy-to-use control pad enables the user to control the speed and direction (whether that be upward or downward) of the evacuation chair and the head support, arm and foot rests provide assistance and comfort to the passenger. With a payload capacity of 160kg, the 900H Power can evacuate bariatric passengers with ease and the ascending control handles, enable a second person to assist.

Whilst Evac+Chair products are suitable for all environments including offices, hotels, schools, sports stadia, retail outlets, healthcare and factories, each chair has a unique set of features that make it more suitable for certain environments. To help ensure you select the correct product Evac+Chair offer a FREE evacuation assessment. Conducted by one of their nationwide consultants they will visit your site and make recommendations as to the most suitable evacuation chair for the building type and the most effective installation points. In addition, Evac+Chair offer training courses to ensure operators are confident in the deployment and operation of an evacuation chair, providing a safe and smooth emergency evacuation.

Evac+Chair’s are a Class 1 Medical Device and in accordance with PUWER Regulations (Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations, 1998) should be serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Evac+Chair offer maintenance contracts which include a planned annual maintenance visit and genuine replacement parts, to ensure your Evac+Chair remains fully operational throughout its lifetime. Giving you complete peace of mind that in an emergency, you will be able to evacuate everyone.

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