Operating within the critical sector for specialist passive fire protection, Checkmate Fire Solutions Ltd. has established a leading reputation for delivering cost effective fire compliance services to a broad base of clients

Having begun operations in 1989 as Checkmate Passive Fire Protection, Checkmate Fire Solutions Ltd today works to further expand its established customer base, while continuing to support its existing clients. The company has earned a leading position as a wholly owned business that works specifically with passive fire solutions, with a large part of its turnover consisting of repeat business from prestigious organisations and blue chip companies. These include AVIVA, Great Ormond Street Hospital, The National Archives and University College London.

With offices located in both West Yorkshire and Essex within the UK and additional agencies within Dubai and Bahrain, Checkmate Fire Solutions is well placed to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of passive fire solutions. These are comprised of fire stopping and acoustic sealing; intumescent paint and boards; dry lined walls and ceilings; air sealing; fire door installation; fire door remediation; and fire rated glazing.
As the sole distributor and installer for Alufire fire resistant glazing in the UK and Ireland Checkmate can now offer fire rated glazed doors, windows and partitions to an ever-growing list of service offerings.

Fire resistant walls made entirely of glass

Fire resistant frameless partitioning give you the power to create light and space in new ways while benefiting from fire protection, heat insulation and the best acoustic insulation in the market… the design possibilities are endless.

Alufire is a fire resistant glazed product, which means that Checkmate can replace compartment walls with glazing with very little loss of performance in slowing the spread of fire, heat and smoke.

As sole distributers of Alufire, CHECKMATE FIRE can manage the whole process from design, manufacture and project management through to installation.

ALUFIRE Vision Line offers breathtaking creativity through design as the system of fire resistant walls and doors do not feature aluminium profiles due to that fact that the individual glass panels can be placed in direct contact with each other and the resulting gap (ca. 4mm) filled with non-combustible silicone, available in 3 different colours – white, grey or black. As a result, one smooth glass surface is created along the entire width of the wall, with no visible dividing elements.

Glass interior office walls provide a bold and unique design element for your interior space designs, and it can be a refreshing way to change the drab design style of traditional walls and barriers within the building. Glass design elements are becoming more popular among architects and interior designers, because they see the psychological benefits that can be gained when the internal space, has natural light, is open and free.

All components of the ALUFIRE Vision Line system have been fire tested by the Building Research Institute (ITB) and are available in two fire resistance classes: El 30 and El 60.

Continuous investments in the production stage and strategic collaborations with the best material suppliers, sourced right across Europe, ensure that Alufire products are second to none for quality and performance.

All Alufire doors, windows and partitions meet the EN 13501-2 requirements related to fire resistance, EI 30, EI 60 and EI 120 minutes for integrity, Insulation and smoke control.

This is increasingly important to architects that are looking to incorporate more and more light into the design of structures. With Alufire we can achieve up to two hours integrity, insulation and smoke control, plus  the system has been fully tested as a complete assembly, meaning that it has been subjected to fire and burned to destruction. We are unaware of any other similar products on the market that are subjected to this level of testing to evaluate their effectiveness.

Alufire products also achieve the highest performance in the market for ACOUSTIC INSULATION in interior spaces Rw = 41 dB (RA1 = 41 dB, RA2 = 38 dB) and exterior Rw = 44 dB (RA1 = 43 dB, RA2 = 40 dB) constructions (according EN 20140-3).

Checkmate Fire Solutions are registered in all three of the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) core passive installer schemes, comprised of LPS 1197, which relates to the inspection of fire doors; LPS 1271, regulating the installation of new fire doors; and LPS 1531 that relates to passive fire protection and covers most forms of protection in this field.

Glass walls have a distinct modern design and feel, which sends a message that your company is focused on the future. Even though these messages are communicated on a subconscious level, it still helps you to send the right message in a non-verbal way. With Alufire you can combine beauty with purpose, by designing interiors with glass interior office walls to create a new environment which opens up the office and integrates the people within. While, at the same time safeguarding escape routes, reducing heat and radiation transfer and insulating against noise, whether that’s from the building exterior or internal rooms.


All ALUFIRE SYSTEMS are priced inclusive of delivery to site, on site project management, installation and certification. Checkmate Fire is the only UK and Ireland supplier and installer of ALUFIRE SYSTEMS and this ensures that none of the excellent properties of the products are compromised due to poor installation techniques.

Checkmate Fire Solutions are members of ASFP, fully accredited under BRE/LPCB 3th party installers scheme LPS-1271 and LPS1531.

A design  with Alufire is both aesthetically pleasing, providing natural light in a modern business environment and practical, offering acoustic benefits and fire resistance. Why choose anything else?