Three technologies to elevate your customer experience

Bhas Kalangi, CEO & Founder of ePOS Hybrid, the start-up that’s disrupting the hospitality sector with market leading point of sale and payments technology.

Over the past year the digital transformation of the hospitality sector has accelerated considerably, with businesses having to rely on technology more than ever before to meet government legislation and generate revenue. As a result, several tech trends have emerged.

While recent events have encouraged mainstream market adoption of certain streamlining technologies, many smaller businesses are at the beginning of their journey and are yet to realise their true operational potential. From driving productivity and reducing errors, to offering tailored experiences, the return on investment from technology can be substantial.

Here we spotlight the emerging tech trends for venues to explore as they plan for the future.

  1. Contactless ordering

Contactless ordering has allowed consumers to order directly from their smartphones whilst adhering to relevant health and safety measures and will continue to be essential for the foreseeable future. In fact, research we recently commissioned revealed 46% of UK consumers prefer contactless ordering and would like businesses across the industry to continue adopting this – enabling venues to continue scaling back on the need for human contact upon ordering and making payments. Further to this, contactless ordering has also really paved the way in creating a more seamless and efficient experience for patrons, while minimising errors.

In response to changing consumer behaviours and government guidelines, ePOS Hybrid was one of the first companies in the UK to launch contactless mobile table ordering and was the first company to develop and launch a full self-checkout for the SME market with a price point sub £1,000.

  1. Personalised experiences to improve customer retention

Delivering an exceptional customer experience will be essential if the hospitality sector is to thrive again and utilising technology to support this will provide long-term benefits for businesses. Our data revealed 45% of UK consumers admit they are more likely to return to a venue if they could offer a personalised experience every time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence in machines and has the ability to analyse behaviour, preferences, feedback and characteristics. By utilising this technology, venues can maximise how they use customer data. For example, AI is enabling businesses to create more bespoke experiences based on what their customers have consumed or requested previously. As a result, it has allowed businesses to elevate their offering by predicting future preferences, tailoring offers to customers and promoting bespoke loyalty schemes in order to drive repeat business and revenue.

  1. Streamlining operations to minimise the impact of staffing shortages

Staffing shortages are having a huge impact on the hospitality industry right now. There are however affordable technologies that are readily available which can dramatically reduce this impact, ensuring both your customer experience and bottom line don’t suffer.

From automating how your customers order by utilising self checkouts and contactless ordering, to intelligent table booking and automated kitchen management, ePOS Hybrid’s suite of fully connected point of sale products enables businesses to modernise their service offering, create new sales channels, automate processes and generate business growth.

By automating key stages of the customer experience, hospitality businesses can deliver a slicker dining experience, seamlessly connecting customers directly with the kitchen to create greater operational efficiency, reduce mistakes and ultimately minimise overheads. This has been crucial for many venues we work with to overcome the countless obstacles faced this past year. Our technology has ensured they remain profitable despite the challenging climate.

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