Tiptree – Fine English Spirits

The Wilkin family have been farming at Tiptree, Essex, since 1757, and making quality preserves and spreads there since 1885. We grow a wide range of traditional English fruits and use them to make conserves, condiments, and other treats in our factory by the farm.

Over the last few years, we have sought out like-minded individuals, with a singular focus on quality, to help us create and produce our spirits ranges.

We have combined small-batch craft English Gin, Vodka, and Rum with our Tiptree Fruits and Tiptree Spreads to create a rather tasty selection of Fine English Spirits. Sip over ice, add your favourite mixer, or get creative with cocktails.

Fruit Gin Liqueurs

The Hayman family, local gin-makers since 1863, use a blend of natural botanicals to create their traditional London Dry Gin. Each small batch is crafted in their artisanal still, named ‘Marjorie’ after Grandmother Hayman.

Tiptree fruits are combined with the gin to imbue their beautifully rich fruit notes. Our Gin Liqueurs, at an ABV of 28%, are perfectly balanced to give a fresh burst of fruit with a crisp juniper note on the finish.

Vodka Liqueurs

We’ve distilled small-batch craft English Vodka with our Tiptree Fruits and Tiptree Spreads to develop this distinctive range of English Vodka Liqueurs. Each made by maceration and distillation in traditional copper alembic pot stills.

An ABV at the sweet spot of 25% offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with cocktails, with no need to add additional spirits

English Spiced Rum Liqueurs

Made in deepest Essex, we take a week or more to ferment sugar cane molasses, then distil the liquor with Tiptree Honey in small-batch copper alembic pot stills. Our ABV of 25% delivers a deep, smooth Liqueur with the delicious complexity of rum.

Tiptree’s Limited Edition Christmas tipple is made by distilling hand-made Tiptree Christmas Puddings with rum. It’s Christmas in a glass!

Full Strength English Spirits

Our full strength 40% ABV spirits range has been made in the heart of Essex using locally sourced East Anglian potatoes, Tiptree grown fruit, and the occasional extra sprinkle of Tiptree magic. Created after customer demand, they offer a premium option for a traditional serve.

Contact details: tiptree@tiptree.com or 01621 815407

Website: www.tiptree.com