UK better-4-U beverage start up WATER WORKS is targeting the hospitality sector with the addition of a PLANET FRIENDLY still water to their range.

Their locally sourced spring water is available in 330ml and 1L cartons which are made using paper from responsibly managed forests. The caps they use are a renewable bioplastic made of sugarcane.

Described as a “better option” rather than a perfect solution to unnecessary waste by co-founder Ashil Vaghela, this format offers several advantages over cans, glass and of course PET bottles, which consumers are increasingly looking to swap out from.

“Drinking tap water if you don’t mind the taste, or carrying around a refillable bottle should always be encouraged, however there will always be a place for the convenience of packaged water. Businesses within the hospitality sector can benefit from a halo effect of positive consumer perception by carrying a more environmentally friendly option than the current choice.” And he goes on to list the benefits of WATER WORKS FOR THE PLANET over the competition.

  • Ourpackaging is about 80% renewable material with the addition of the sugarcane cap.
  • We source perfectly good local water with a pH of 7.6. We don’t unnecessarily import water from overseas with additional carbon footprint.
  • Less energy is required to produce a paper carton vs a PET or glass bottle.
  • The trees that are forested to make our cartons pull CO2 from out of the air whilst releasing oxygen.
  • Cartons are efficiently sent flat packed to be filled. Bottles/cans are sent fully formed therefore, multiple times more empty cartons can go in a single trip.
  • Once filled, more cartons can fill a container thanks to their shape. Since they are lighter, less energy is needed to transport them.
  • They are completely recyclable.
  • In addition, they can be conveniently flattened to take up less space and,
  • Water stays refreshingly crisp since cartons efficiently block out light and air.

Water Works For The Planet is available through select UK wholesalers, alongside a trio of functional plant waters: Watermelon, Cactus and AloeCoco by Water Works – Hydration with Purpose.


Instagram: @waterworksfortheplanet / @drink_water_works