Umbris is an architectural all-weather patio roof system perfect for contemporary designs to extend living spaces outside, integrating inside areas with the outside seamlessly. Recently, the aluminium louvre roof has gained popularity on rooftop terraces and al fresco outside dining areas.

The contemporary aluminium louvre system from Umbris functions as sun and rain protection for large patio areas or rooftop terraces. With integrated automation you chose how the louvres sit, thus creating a sunny or shaded outdoor entertaining area. When closed the reinforced aluminium louvres site completely flat and interlock, creating a fully watertight patio roof tested to a rainfall intensity of 144mm per minute.

Umbris is an architectural louvre system perfect to create external dining and entertaining spaces. Each installation is tailor made and bespoke with colours, material, size, shape and dimensions of the louvres and supporting structure tailored to the desired specification. By using the highest grade aluminium for the main structure 4mm thick Umbris patio roofs can be designed at substantial sizes with an enormous 7m gap between supporting posts. Perfect for cover large expanses of outdoor seating areas or impressive roof terraces.

Supports and Fixings

Supporting columns or legs can be used to support the Umbris automated louvre roof and can also couple as the water outlet option for your louvre roof. These legs are constructed from 4mm thick aluminium casing for a robust and slim supporting leg design. Due to the advanced construction techniques used to create an Umbris patio roof, and the quality of the aluminium roof design, you can also create large expanses of 7m between these supporting legs – great for larger patio roof installations.

As well as up to 7m between each supporting leg of an Umbris roof. These supporting legs can also be extended, or offset to further reduce their impact on views from beneath the Umbris canopy, and creating a neater and more minimal terrace roof design.

For the appearance of a ‘floating’, or unsupported terrace cover, your Umbris installation can be designed to be supported by your building structure or via tie rod supports with no leg support required at all! All required support and fixings will be designed by us in conjunction with your design desires and building construction giving the illusion of a ‘floating’ roof over your terrace or dining area.


The louvres that form the Umbris patio roof are specially made and designed for the Umbris roof system. Each automated louvre is constructed from 4mm thick aluminium and its design is such that no fixings or bolts are visible once installed for a clean and contemporary design finish. The automation allows the louvres to turn 120 degrees shading your al fresco seating areas from all directions throughout the day.

A single louvre can span up to 4250mm to allow massive widths for single roof fields. Multiple roof fields are minimally connected together to cover larger spans. The automated louvres are 194mm wide each with an integrated gutter within its construction. This integrated water collection design means that water is collected and drained through the louvres themselves, so even after heavy rainfall and you turn the louvres no water drips through, keeping your entertaining space and outdoor furniture dry.

The length of each automated louvre is designed to perfectly fit within your roof profile for a seamless and fully watertight patio roof.

More Options

To create the perfect al fresco seating and dining area they need to be comfortable during the daylight and at night. Numerous lighting options can be built into your Umbris installation to keep the entertaining going all night.

LED spot lights can be integrated into the roof field profiles and come in 4 different light ‘shades’ to create the lighting effect required. Alternatively a series of LED strip lights can be built into the sides of the roof fields for a dramatic lighting design or into the moving louvres themselves.

For a more traditional design a single suspended pendant light can be installed into the Umbris roof design, perfect for use over an external bar or dining area. All lighting can then be controlled via the Umbris remote control or via a smart phone app.

An audio system is also available to be built into the Umbris roof field profiles, allowing your music to continue into the outside dining and lounge areas. Additionally, weather sensors can be integrated so you will never get wet! The louvres will automatically close the louvres when the rain begins, creating a water tight roof over your al fresco dining and seating area, keeping the furniture and patrons dry.

If further weather protection is needed, which may be the case with an exposed rooftop terrace, then glass screens, external curtains/blinds or vertical louvres can be installed to provide extra levels of protection from the elements.

Additionally, external heating can be installed into the Umbris louvre roof structure to use the space all year. Our Umbris HeatStrip external heaters are designed to be minimal and unobtrusive to external living area design, whilst providing comfortable heat to enable the use of your outside area all year long. The black radiant heating panels stay black throughout the heating process with no red glow providing a contemporary finish. The external radiant heating panels can be easily integrated into the Umbris roof structure creating the perfect addition to your al fresco seating and dining areas.

Endless customization

The design and aesthetics of the Umbris automated louvre roof are almost completely customisable to create unique and bespoke patio roofs for all architectural designs.

The colour finish of your louvre roof can be chosen from any RAL colour, you could also choose different colour finishes for the roof, leg casings and louvres.

Almost anything is possible so contact us for further design guidance. Or visit our Courtyard showroom where we have recently installed an Umbris aluminium louvre roof with various configurations.