With snow having already hit the UK this winter, many of us – hospitality professionals included – have been left wondering if it’s going to return again. How much does the weather impact your day-to-day operations?

One thing’s for sure, weather, such as snow, limits how much you can use your outdoor space.

Your outdoor space provides you with a valuable opportunity to maximise your offering and boost your profits. However, with the unpredictability of the great British weather, it’s a space that you can realistically only use to its full advantage for around three months of the year.

With the Cantabria canopy from Canopies UK, hospitality professionals can use their outdoor space in all seasons – and generate an additional weekly revenue of up to £7,000* in the process

Controlled by a single handheld remote or smart device, the roof can be retracted at the touch of a button, while the glass screens make it possible to easily transform an open space into a stylish, fully enclosed unit.

Use your outdoor space in all types of weather

The Cantabria’s durable aluminium frame, integrated guttering, waterproof roof and glass screens combine to make a UV protected environment.

With an extensive range of glass sides to choose from – from fixed, folding and sliding, to balustrade and internal – the system is not just highly functional, but highly attractive. For instance, a closed unit offers 100 per cent protection in wind speeds of up to 60km/h. While in the finer months, the glass sides can be retracted, and come the cooler, wetter or more changeable weather, can be partially or fully closed.

Generate an additional weekly revenue of up to £7,000

Available in any length and ranging in projections of up to 10 metres for single units and 20 metres for twin units, a new Cantabria canopy can create up to 184 additional weekly covers.**

Endless appeal

Outdoor canopies are one of the quickest and most effective ways of transforming an outdoor space into an area that appeals to customers all-year round.

It’s precisely what the owner of Alec’s Bar & Grill in Essex has been able to do since installing one of our canopies.

The venue is always full to capacity and the owner wanted to be able to cater for advanced bookings by extending his dining space, which would enable him to cater for more guests.

The restaurant had an existing outdoor terrace balcony that the owner wanted to make more of. He was really looking to transform it into something that would make a bold statement.

The terrace needed to be able to provide disabled access to the restaurant through the existing patio doors. After installing one of our Cantabria retractable canopy systems, the owner has created extra dining space from his outdoor area that’s fully covered and can be enjoyed by his customers all-year round.

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*Based on £40 per cover = £7,360.

** Based on Friday and Saturday, 2 sittings per day.

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