Vegware: More than just food packaging

Vegware manufactures a range of more than 250 eco catering disposables. Cutlery, tableware, hot and cold drink cups, and takeaway packaging is all made from plants, not plastic, and can be composted with food waste where facilities exist.

Vegware guides caterers on a journey to zero waste, providing support every step of the way with over a decade of experience in providing businesses and catering operations with compostable packaging recycling solutions.

Great for your products, great for the environment 

Vegware products are practical and stylish, and suitable for myriad applications.

The mix & match Gourmet Range is the market’s first eco anti-spill solution for hot or cold food to go. The bases are made from bagasse, recycled sugarcane, with a choice of three different sustainable lid styles.

Vegware’s cold cups are made from plant-based PLA. A 3oz insert can covert cups into combo snack pots, perfect for separating dips and sauces from fresh food.

Perfect for cold weigh & pay salads, desserts and deli treats, Vegware’s Deli Containers have a built-in lid which has a tight seal for freshness. The containers are free from oil-based plastic.

Their cutlery range is the world’s first made entirely from recycled PLA. The range is certified compostable and capable of taking heat up to 85°C and available in black or white.

Vegware’s compostable CPLA lids for coffee cups are available in black or white. The lids feature a sleek design, tight fit and high heat resistance.


The service doesn’t end there

Vegware’s services as a compostable packaging provider don’t just end there. Customers can also make the most of their added value services. The Vegware Communications and Creative teams offer their clients a wide range of tools to enhance their merchandising.

Products can be custom branded to meet customer specifications with a fast turnaround and they are continually being developed, designed and sourced. With a thriving social media following, Vegware also collaborates with its customers through a variety of PR and social media engagement channels.

The Vegware Environmental team is on hand to talk customers through the recycling processes of their products. Their responsibility is to work with the waste sector to find suitable food waste recycling solutions and develop collection routes to help clients waste less.

They worked with the University of Cambridge to help the University’s catering services save 1.5 tonnes of carbon. The University of Cambridge did this by switching to compostable packaging, creating clear bin signage, training catering staff and engaging students. This short film explains how they did this.

Peter Lumb, Environmental Coordinator at the University of Cambridge, commented on the partnership:

“Since the roll-out of Vegware across the University of Cambridge’s catering outlets, the team at Vegware have been a huge help in building the success of the initiative. The ‘green days’ they have helped to initiate and run in our cafes have raised the profile of the new system among staff and students, but to help raise awareness internally and externally they have also provided useful support in terms of designing posters, bin labels and ‘table-talkers’, as well as supporting us in writing our entry for the Green Gowns awards in 2016.”

He added:

“They have also been on call to provide us with useful technical advice about downstream treatment of our food waste, while the data and metrics they have provided us have been really useful in and monitoring and reporting on the initiative.”