Vianen KVS up to 70% saving on the biggest energy consumer in your restaurant.

With over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing kitchen ventilation systems, Vianen KVS is the world’s leading company in innovative energy saving kitchen ventilation systems. By continuous product development from the R&D in The Netherlands, customers worldwide are provided with custom designed systems of the highest available standard.

By having a focus on energy saving solutions for many years Vianen KVS has developed a wide product range of sustainable kitchen ventilation systems. With a payback time of often less than 2½ years sustainability is nowadays also a good commercial choice.

With energy saving solutions such as the Vianergy II exhaust canopy an energy reduction of about 28% can be achieved. By combining this with a Vetec exhaust on demand system a total saving on the energy consumption up to 70% on the ventilation costs can be achieved.

With regulations on air quality and levels of fine particles in residential areas becoming stricter all over the world, Vianen KVS also provides solutions for their clients in this field. Additional systems such as UV-C for grease elimination and Ecology Filter Units, further improve the air quality of the exhaust air. With this enabling safe, clean and odorless exhaust of the kitchen fumes in high residential areas or even indoor carparks.

As every kitchen is different and requires another approach Vianen KVS looks at every project individually. Creating a solution both technically and aesthetic matching the kitchens and clients requirement, constantly driven to exceed the client’s expectations.
If you would like more information you can contact Vianen KVS at or +31 348 416300.