Washroom Optimised – Formica Group expands the most comprehensive Washroom Collection available

Formica Group has introduced two new sheet sizes to its Formica® Washroom Collection, making this the most comprehensive washroom range available on the market. These options reduce fabricator wastage and make it easier to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and recommended school building standards.

Identifying the demand for deeper, full height cubicles, Formica Group’s newest offerings are ideal for the specification of cubicles over 2200mm high and 1800mm deep.

When opting for taller cubicle systems, the largest of the two sheet sizes, measuring 2775x1835mm, provides multiple options for doors, pilasters and partitions. The smallest of the two sheet sizes, measuring 1825x1525mmm, delivers the perfect fit for standard 1800x1500mm cubicle systems. By significantly reducing wastage for fabricators, the new sheets contribute to limiting the environmental impact of a project and support greater cost efficiencies.


DDA and Toilets in Schools

The new sheet sizes support the provision of cubicles that give disabled people the rights of access. To adhere to the DDA, a 450mm gap between an in-swinging door and the toilet pan is needed, larger sheet sizes make it easier to ensure that a cubicle’s dimensions facilitates this requirement without the need for unnecessary joins.

The two additions are also ideal for meeting the standard specifications, layouts and dimensions as outlined in the government’s ‘Toilets in Schools’. In primary schools, washrooms needs to strike a balance between privacy and adult supervision. In secondary schools, more privacy is required. The new introductions to the Formica Washroom Collection support the creation of spacious, longer cubicles.


Washroom Sheet Sizes

Available in 20 popular decors, in a total of six sheets, all the Formica® Optimised Washroom Collection is compact grade (CGS). The key benefits provided by CGS is its resistance to humidity and its hygiene credentials which are essential in the washroom environment. Laminates are also durable, easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the Priority School Building Programme’s Services Output Specification 2013 recommends the specification of compact grade laminate for cubicles and wall panels systems to reduce the frequency with which school washrooms need to be refurbished.



Fully stocked in the UK, specifying the Washroom Collection for UK builds means there is one less factor for concern when trying to ensure projects are completed on time with minimal carbon footprint.


Supporting Tools

There are a range of supporting tools available to customers and fabricators when working on a washroom project. Brochures, chip charts and an A1 wall chart are available, as well as web versions.

Formica Group will also be publishing a white paper looking into commercial washrooms this autumn which will include analysis of key trends.

To order Formica Washroom Collection samples, please contact samples.uk@formica.com or call 0191 259 3512.