Whirlpool Professional Laundry

Competitively priced Commercial Machines Perfect for Hotels, B&B’s, Self Catering Cottages and Spa’s.  They are all backed up by Whirlpool’s industry leading Commercial speed of service agreement which ensures your business will not be let down by your equipment.

The Professional Laundry Range includes the ever popular 15kg Classic & 6th Sense American Style top-loading washer/dryers and the Omnia range of highly efficient front-loading washer and dryers.



New aesthetics and functionalities combined with a high loading capacity (15kg) and an improvement in consumption, make the American style top loading and front loading Atlantis range an efficient solution for small businesses in delivering reliable and top quality laundry results. The two versions




The 6th Sense Intelligent sensors adapt energy and water resources according to the weight and type of load, offering up to 50% on energy, water and time saving. The built-in “Quiet Wash System” also protects the working environment by keeping operation noise to a minimum.

The 6th Sense range is equipped with sleek and intuitive electronic controls making programme selection a simple process even with its extra options.

The 3LWTW4815FW washing machine provides peace of mind with its “Clean Washer” and “Extra Rinse” options making this range the ultimate choice for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.



The functional range for businesses with lots to do. The Classic Range is designed to be simple and practical while still offering a full and flexible programme list.

Temperature, Soil Level and Deep Fill options ensure you have the tools at hand to get the best results every time. In-cycle status indicators keep you informed of the machines progress.



The new Omnia range from Whirlpool Professional has been specially designed to meet the demands of small businesses with big workloads. Costing significantly less than its industrial counterparts, the Omnia range guarantees the beautiful and reliable results you expect from a commercial product, without the high running costs or the complicated maintenance.

Each of the 4 Omnia models is equipped with state of the art 6th Sense™ technology to reduce programme times and save energy, making them kinder to the environment as well as to your pocket. Only with Omnia can you wash & dry 10kg of laundry for just 40p.

Your working environment is also protected with our unique Zen Technology™ which reduces operating noise to a mere whisper. The Omnia’s small footprint and stacking ability offers flexibility and space saving where required. The intuitive controls and clear LCD display make them accessible to everybody.

Installation is simple – no special plumbing or electrical services are required – just a cold water

connection, a drain and a 13amp plug socket, that’s it. The washing machines have built-in water heaters and drain pumps and the dryers don’t need to be ducted outside – EASY!

Omnia – the new standard for small business laundry equipment. Perfect for B&B’s, small hotels, staffrooms, canteens, sports clubs, hairdressers and salons, café’s and small restaurants.

Whirlpool Professional Laundry is distributed by Blue Badger Wholesale Ltd in the UK and ROI. We are a trade supplier who always welcomes new distributors.

If you are interested in this range for your own use we will happily provide advice. Once you are ready for purchase our large network of distributors are able to offer generous discount off our list pricing.