Why didn’t we think of them before? Taylors of Harrogate launches award-winning coffee bags into the hotel sector

Taylors of Harrogate has announced plans to make its award-winning[1] coffee bags available to the hotel sector from October onwards.

Its range of coffee bags has already proven a huge hit with consumers – making Taylors the biggest coffee bags brand in the UK[2] – and now the company is turning its attention to helping hoteliers ensure every guest has a room with decent coffee.

The move is supported by recent consumer research, commissioned by the brand through YouGov, which found that only a quarter of people (25%) who have stayed in a hotel in the UK  would describe the in-room complimentary coffee offering as being of good quality[3] – with most wishing it was better. 38% of adults who drink in-room complimentary coffee in UK hotels said in-room drinks are reflective of the hotel’s overall catering offer[4].

Blended to be the best-tasting coffee bags available to market, the company plans to make its Rich Italian coffee bags available to hoteliers in packs of 80 from October.

This Italian-inspired blend of African and Latin American ground coffee brews perfectly in two minutes, with each bag individually wrapped to ensure it stays fresh and delivers on the extraordinary quality and taste Taylors is renowned for. They work just like a teabag but for ground coffee – all the flavour without the mess.

Natalie King, Out of Home Manager at Taylors of Harrogate, said: “The demand for quick, easy, high quality fresh coffee in hotels has never been greater, so we’re excited to be launching a genuinely decent coffee that no longer needs to be difficult. The coffee bags are freshly sealed for ultimate flavour and all you need is a kettle.

“Taylors coffee bags deliver all the flavour of roast and ground coffee but with none of the fuss, enabling hoteliers to deliver on the quality guests are so clearly looking for, without having to invest in expensive in-room coffee machines, yet delivering a step up from instant.

Guests will no doubt wonder why we didn’t think of them before!”

[1] Product of the Year 2018

[2] IRI 52 w/e 25/5/19

[3] Conducted by YouGov online Unweighted base: All UK Adults who drink in-room complimentary coffee in UK hotels (1228)

[4] Conducted by YouGov online Unweighted base: All UK Adults who drink in-room complimentary coffee in UK hotels (1228)